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Innovative Cloud For Your SAP Business One Cloud Hosted by The Global Market Leader

Cloudiax offers the customers the Cloud Platform made in Germany, which continuously improves the business.

It enables partners like IDS Indonesia and customers to deploy SAP Business One on SQL and HANA in a Cloud Environment.

Available Worldwide

Experience seamless connectivity to your SAP Business One Cloud system, wherever you are. Our data centers located in Germany, Canada and Singapore, ensure minimum latency and a guaranteed availability of 99.5%. Next, we will open a new data center in Chile.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Step into Tomorrow with Cloudiax! Our commitment to delivering the latest updates and cutting-edge innovations in SAP B1 Cloud solutions ensures your business stays ahead in today's dynamic landscape. Furthermore, our extensive network of the most experienced SAP partners all over the world ensures that you not only have access to global reach but also benefit from local understanding and support.

Service Level Agreement

Our SLA guarantees not only the infrastructure levels and system accessibility, but also about seamless login to your SAP Business One system and optimal performance. Experience an unparalleled SAP Business One Cloud implementation with the PROS!


The deployment and operation of the SAP Business One Private Cloud takes place in a dedicated cloud environment (Private Cloud), as an on-premise installation. This completely eliminates all restrictions that are specified by the SAP Cloud Control Center. The customer is free to use all options, such as add-ons, additional application servers or an individual B1if. The customer can also freely determine the SAP Business One version and the patch level. In addition, the customer or the responsible consulting company receives extensive administrative access to the system.

The minimum number of “basis users” for SAP Business One Private Cloud is three.

This question does not arise for Cloudiax. The SAP Business One systems, whether on SAP HANA or Microsoft SQL, run on certified hardware and a certified virtualization environment. Our operations management ensures that the required amount of CPU, RAM and free storage are allocated to the respective SAP Business One system, in order to run this system very fast and smoothly. Therefore, you neither need to think about the equipment of the systems, nor to plan any reserves in case of growth. Cloudiax deals with this automatically and cost-optimized for all concerned parties.

In addition, all systems are isolated from each other, so that access from one system to the other is not possible.

You can access SAP Business One via Remote Desktop Protocol RDP (remote desktop)
and/or HMTL5 (web browser).

SAP Business One Licenses is not included. You can use your own SAP B1 licenses (all types) or purchase from SAP Business One Partner like IDS Indonesia.

Of course, it is possible to connect devices to Cloudiax that are used in your company, e.g. the hand scanner in your warehouse. Usually this is possible with all the Cloudiax products and without any additional costs.

In case you also want to connect machine data from production machines or similar systems to your SAP Business One on Cloudiax, we offer an optional IoT solution (Internet of Things) that enables your SAP Business One to directly communicate with your machine. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

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