Sharperlight Enterprise Reporting

Sharperlight Reporting

Sharperlight Datamodels 'humanise' your complex data and enable truly self-service reporting for your organisation

“Sharperlight® is the most intuitive, detailed and comprehensive reporting toolset that you can have for SAP Business One and Other ERP Systems”

Excel Reporting

The Sharperlight Excel® Add-in gives end-users easy access to the Query Builder and a drilldown data explorer. The Sharperlight queries are ancored in the worksheets, using formulas and the construction of these formulas is wizard driven through the Query Builder.

Web Reporting

Sharperlight can present dynamic tables, charts, pivot tables and presentation reports using its own web service. It has an application called Publisher, for managing and configuring these published queries. Each query can be filtered and refreshed in the web, and it will return the latest data.


Dashboards are created and maintained using an HTML5 interface in a web browser. A dashboard consists of a page and each page can contain multiple rectangular tiles. The tiles can be resized and re-positioned, the tile can display published content from Publisher or display any valid web address.


Sharperlight are squarely focused on empowering your end-users, giving your teams the tools to easily create and maintain their own reporting and analysis content.

We’ve made it modular and secure… an “off the shelf” solution that covers multiple industries, verticals and applications. It provides dashboards, reporting, integration and custom solution development that will enhance productivity in any organisation. It is the only suite in its class that delivers comprehensive BI but also offers users the ability to write back to source within the same secure environment over the Web and within Excel®.

Sharperlight Dashboard

Simplifying Your Business Intelligence, regardless of sector

The Sharperlight framework is used in many business sectors, including Finance, Government, Farming and Mining, Healthcare, Retail, Sports and Education. Sharperlight is not dependent but rather will adapt to your vertical. With the concept of Custom Connectors you can quickly and easily add a new connector to the framework.

Supported Data Connector
Shaperlight for SAP Business One Video
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